all together, with feeling now, said tongue in chic, this could be anything

Blink, and it’s June.

So, how was your Vesak day weekend? :) I hope it was if anything restful… now, if only all weekends were 3 days instead of 2!

I spent mine trying to recuperate from an intense and rather eventful week, resting the ankle and getting some much needed zzzs. Of course, we also found time to eat-eat-eat : Spruce, Sunset Grill, and Sushi Tei made the list. Highlights were having lovely (and much-needed) girl time with Xiao, a restorative breakfast at Ghim Moh on Sunday, and a lovely home-cooked dinner back at my parents’ (swear my mum’s cooking has gotten better ever since I moved out!).

The blog’s been a bit quiet because, as it has become the norm, work has been intense. We’ve been gearing up for a major presentation that was today, so having gotten through that successfully is a big relief.

But more of the good sloggin’ sweat and tears to come, I’m sure…

For now, I just wish I could muster the energy to hit the shops. Have you bought anything from the Great Singapore Sale yet? For me, I’d really like to get a pair of sturdy work flats to replace the Zara ones that got my ankle in trouble in the first place.

But perhaps online shopping will have to suffice :

(I’m thinking of getting the top and the skirt. Um. And the cardigan.)

{ Ministry of Retail }


2 thoughts on “Blink, and it’s June.

  1. Oooh, neturals are always so soothing and delicate. Somehow it translates to non-threatening, collaborative and friendly for me! Can imagine wearing this to “confront” someone and getting away with it!

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