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A promising candidate.

Garnier unceremoniously decided to discontinue the sunscreen lotion I’ve been loyally using for a few years now, and since I was on my last few drops I began a frantic search for its successor. A trip to Tangs Vivocity later, I bought the Laneige Star White Multi-Protector. It’s a great texture – lotiony and just the littlest bit tacky, and claims to be a multi-tasking product that whitens as it protects (don’t know about the veracity of that but like the sound of it anyway!). It’s S$52 for 70ml – extremely good value for money, considering Biotherm’s sunscreen was going for S$70 for a measly 30ml.

Just thought I’d share this in case anybody is out in the market for a sunscreen with a lotiony texture, rather than those liquidy sticky/oily ones :)

(I’ve got combination skin that’s oily around the T-zone, and I do use MAC’s blot powder on the T-zone on top of my sunscreen, so I’m not sure about the shine factor for oily skin… the rest of my face does well with this though)

ps. Neutrogena’s Waterlight UV Lotion SPF50 was a fail for me. It does have a thin, watery texture and claims to dry to a powdery, non-oily finish – but all I felt was a layer of oily powder coating my face instead. Blegh.

{ Laneige }


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