gastronomic gusto


M and I both live to eat, and so quite fittingly I bought him lunch at Iggy’s last Friday, for his 28th birthday present :)

I ordered the Table d’Hote lunch with four courses (2 hors de oeuvres, 1 main, 1 dessert), while M requested for the tasting menu. As you may already know, Iggy’s doesn’t serve tasting menus during lunch but they will at special request. Thankfully, they acceded to his request and whipped up a 6 course tasting menu for him.

We requested for seats with a view of the kitchen – when we arrived, nobody else was there for lunch yet. The counter soon filled up though.

I can never resist (free) bread. And that olive oil that came with it… oh my goodness. The best olive oil I’ve ever tasted!

To start things off, we were served a complimentary amuse bouche with ponzu-marinated rice, fatty tuna, and wasabi foam. The flavors of these were just beautiful and a great sign of things to come.

M’s first course of tuna, quail’s egg and some curious olive oil jelly or something.

I didn’t really notice M’s first course because to be honest, I was too busy enjoying my own! From a menu of about 6 different starter options, the Iggy’s salad was 1 of my 2 choices – it felt like I was eating cotton candy clouds… Super light, beautiful flavors, just perfect.

A foies gras terrine, if I didn’t get it wrong (see, I told you I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention!)… this one I didn’t really like because the flavors were very salty and pungent. But M liked it very much.

M’s third course – escalope of sea bass with fennel seed oil and tomatoes.

I finally catched up with M’s 6-course lunch… finally I got to eat again! This course, we both had eggs. His was soft boiled with truffle and surprisingly, crisped chicken skin. Deelish.

My slow-cooked eggs with bacon and croutons in pinot jus arrived in the cutest little pot. The server correctly said this was a hearty dish suitable for the rainy weather that day… super comforting.

Wasn’t the presentation of M’s fifth course stunning? Strip of wagyu beef, topped with horseradish powder that melted on your tongue like snowflakes. So pretty – and tasty.

My main course was confit of duck leg with roasted potatoes. As pleasurable as duck fat is, I wasn’t wowed by this partly because I’m not a huge meat person – I struggled to finish the entire leg, a super generous portion, and ended up giving half of it to M.

The warm pound cake with white sesame ice cream and milk foam was… pure heaven. I’m not a meat fan but I’m a huge butter-cake fan. And butter cake studded with black sesame, with sesame ice cream? YES please. As the milk foam sank into the cake, it tasted just as if I’d dipped the cake in cold milk. Again, super comforting.

M’s dessert was the Black Forest – all things cherry, basically. Cherry sorbet, petit beurre, and dehydrated cherry bits. I didn’t fancy this because it was simply too sour… M lapped it all up happily.

All in all, we had a great meal. I felt 3 items of my 4-course lunch were really memorable, and M enjoyed pretty much everything that was placed in front of him (and he’s a picky eater). As my dear friend Y said, “indulgent” is the word. When Iggy’s moves to The Hilton in September, we’ll have to find another excuse to break the piggy bank and return.


10 thoughts on “Iggy’s.

    • theletterzee says:

      Such a pretty penny it was, that I’m feeling the pinch ;)

      Well, the tasting menu cost us S$120 or so, while the table d’hote (4 courses) cost S$65++. 5 courses would be S$80++.

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