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Wonky woes.

An emergency visit to the physio this morning was required – my foot is acting up again. (yes. I know! Ugh. Super bummer.) Turns out it’s a stiff back + pronating feet -> stiff calf -> painful heel area. Riiight.

More physio to come after the trip, but I don’t mind ‘cos I love my therapist Allison! She makes me feel so safe in her hands :)

Anyway the foot’s all sports-taped up for support, and we’re done packing… Now I’m relaxing in bed, waiting for 3.30 to come round – to the airport!

Have a great afternoon, y’all!

(ps. New Crocs! This is me couple days ago, sans sports tape)


2 thoughts on “Wonky woes.

    • theletterzee says:

      yes ma’am! i just bought another pair in gold. they’re about the only shoes i have that don’t kill my foot

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