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Hello, Bangkok.

It was so good to be back –

In the taxi. What do those words mean? Not some political propoganda, I hope :x I just like the red heart.

We were famished by the time we reached our hotel, so off we went for papaya salad at Som Tum Nua, Siam Square. A charming hole-in-the-wall place that, ironically, served better fried chicken and fried noodles than papaya salad.

Seemingly innocuous, but in reality knock-out spicy.

So worth the extra cholesterol, these wings.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how fun it is to eat sticky rice.

Second (precious) day in Bangkok… we had lunch at a cafe in Siam Paragon popular with locals.

Glorious green curry and golden roti. Mmmm.

Stunning giant origami installation at Siam Paragon.

Asia Herb Association, masseuse #264. A wonder woman! We got our own room, complete with ensuite bathroom. Really spacious, comfortable and clean. Small thing but you can adjust the aircon temperature too – so important for cold-fearing people like me.

I couldn’t have said it better about Bangkok.

We strolled past this ramen shop near our hotel, and now I thank my stars I spotted it and suggested to try it.

Nantsuttei standard, but only costing THB 175. That’s about S$8.

Third day : Jatujak! We searched for an eternity (okay, 10 minutes) for our noodle nirvana.

Thai glass noodles with chicken thighs.

We ordered 3 bowls. It’s that good.

I bought all of 2 dresses before my leg wouldn’t cooperate anymore and we had to leave. We headed to Lavana spa, where I had one of the worst Thai massages ever, but where M had the best on the trip.

The spa has a nice reception area… rooms are spacious and calming as well.

Then we visited Isetan at Central World, which was unscathed in the arson. Most of Central World was boarded up, but from our hotel room not far away we could spot the blackened side of the building at a height.

Central World was having a huge SMILE fair going, presumably to add some life and detract from the horridness of what happened.

Our last day was spent at our new favorite mall, Siam Paragon. We gave Thai fashion brand Greyhound’s cafe, another hound cafe, a shot. I liked its PS-cafe vibe and the waiters actually had war paint drawn on their faces to celebrate an African seasonal menu they had! Sadly, food was very disappointing. The website describes it as Italian gourmet with a Thai twist…

And that’s all for now :)

Perhaps I will return in December for more… I already miss Bangkok. But then again, Hong Kong is calling my name……..


5 thoughts on “Hello, Bangkok.

  1. ann says:

    hey zee, the glass noodles look fantastic! do you know how i can go abt locating the store when i go over next weekend? thanks!

  2. theletterzee says:

    Hi ann! Are you referring to the soup noodles at Jatujak? We kind of roughly knew it was in the area near Section 16 (where they sell a lot of trendy clothes). It’s located along the main walking path (i.e. the wide street, rather than inside a particular section). Look out for a stall with lots of blue stools near a bend in the path!

    Sorry; I know it’s not exactly very detailed but that’s the best I can do. :)

    Do check out this website for the map and more info on Jatujak : ;

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