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the kind of weekend you want never to end.

Hello you! How’s your weekend been?

It’s been a cool weekend here in Singapore, with little sun and lots of rain.

We watched Despicable Me yesterday – so funny! I love the little minions; they were my favourite part of the entire show. And this morning I scratched my itch for Mexican food with a mushroom burrito (sour cream, guacamole, and beans on the side) at Cha Cha Cha; plus we made a trip down to Books Kinokuniya (surprisingly therapeutic).

So it’s been a sweet little weekend :)

Kinokuniya buys –

Yes yes I’m really late in reading Bourdain (circa 2000) but better late than never, I say.

The Kyoto TimeOut guide – we’re (okay, I am) reading up for the imminent Japan trip in 2011 (!).  It’s a great size and so far I already like what I’ve seen inside.

A Day at elBulli. I almost hyperventilated flipping through the sample copy – huge pictures of behind-the-scenes action, peppered with commentary and observations. Part of my 25th birthday present from M, and the 20% off was sweet icing on the cake.  

Tonight’s events – a visit at my grandma’s, then claypot rice with my mum and dad. I miss my sis though;  wish she was here…

What are you up to tonight? I hope you have a great Sunday evening, wherever you are :)


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