all together, with feeling now

Learning to deal.

Nobody ever tells you, but doubt is very much a part of this job as writing and creating slides is.

I’m only hoping that one day it’ll be comfortable and easy(ier). Kind of like learning how to walk. Except I always want to run :)

(only metaphorically; I hate running in real life!)


2 thoughts on “Learning to deal.

  1. sherms says:

    Laughs. love the little note in grey.

    Doubt always gets me on certain days! And family + friends help to get me out of it – but I find the most rewarding times are when I manage to sit and squash Doubt all by myself, though those instances are regrettably fewer. But am going to change that!

    • theletterzee says:

      Indeed Sherms, I’ve come to realize that it’s something only I can fight off – friends and loved ones plug the gap with their kind words but then it just comes back again. Heh. I’m still trying to work this whole thing out too. Good luck to you and I! xx

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