Etsy finds

Etsy finds.

It’s been awhile since I trawled the lovely depths of Etsy. Here are some lovely things that caught my heart :

This channel sign letter ‘M’ would be perfect next to M’s side of the bed in our new apartment! From EdiesLab, US$25.

Because they remind me of crullers, and because I love nautical things… :) From Joanna Rutter, US$22.

I am loving the colors, shapes and lines on this print by Orignauxmoose, US$19.

My future home is sure to see a couple of industrial lights about – this one’s from LampGoods, US$59.

ps. My dear friend Renhui sweetly sent through this peek into Etsy’s offices… What do you think – was it how you’d imagined it to be? :)


6 thoughts on “Etsy finds.

  1. ren says:

    you will definitely enjoy shopping for these little homely details!

    we just came back from london, and half our credit card bill’s filled with home stuff (the other half was char’s H&M bill lol no joke)

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