seeping through the edges.

More random snaps – I’ve been quite trigger-happy lately, don’t know why.

An after-dinner trip to my favourite old bakery at Upper Bukit Timah yielded a box of 8 little cupcakes.

My favourites are the coffee and strawberry (with jam filling!) ones. …I wish there was a Milo one though.

Blu Jazz at Haji Lane – some eclectic decor indeed.

Me, to colleagues : “The lion has permed hair!”

And such tight curls, too.

… So prim and proper is he that his tail is permed too :)

Building blocks are so “touch me” aren’t they? Or perhaps it’s just me.

Can you believe where the week has gone!? It’s Thursday already. It’s the long weekend (hooray) and we’ve got plans for several gatherings so it’ll be tiring but hopefully awesome. Note to self : Need to catch up on sleep and get on that exercise bike.


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