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love, brimming.

It was one of those slow-moving, restful weekends.

Thanks to the sudden and unwelcomed appearance of a swollen throat and flu on Friday, for once I didn’t feel the pressure to get out and do something (as I usually feel during weekends); in fact I took pains to do absolutely nothing this weekend except rest and eat. Copious amounts of naps, Din Tai Fung chicken soup, Pamplemousse and then CMPB, sleeping early, breakfast at Chinatown Market, lazing about… ’twas good.

ps. via A Cup of Jo, bawkbawkbawk‘s Cinque Terre vacay pictures are what all holidays need to be made of – grainy close-up memories, sunshine and sea, and good times.

(Also, Florence and Rome.)


3 thoughts on “love, brimming.

  1. That’s a lovely picture.. and sounds like a lovely restful weekend :)
    I’m down with a drippy nose and aching throat all weekend too, but it’s nice having nothing to ‘do’ but just recuperating and recollecting.

  2. theletterzee says:

    hi lampoondish! indeed it is nice to just take it slow for once :) hope you are feeling better already…

    nab : haha it feels funny to be replying you when you’re sitting right next to me :)

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