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chairs & lights.

We collected our Eames chairs on Saturday – it was le thrilling to have them finally, after months of waiting. The mauve grey one sits in our room, while the white one is carefully cocooned in bubble wrap in the attic.

Other than chairs, lights are also a soft spot for me. When I saw these wall sconces by Excel, it was definitely love.

I can so see a pair of these against a dark grey-blue wall, with the prettiest grey velvet bedframe we saw at Tangs Vivocity, against it.

So now I’ve admitted to you my furnishing soft spot! For M, it’s crockery and kitchenware; for me, chairs & lights.

It’s still a year and half to us getting our flat, but in the meantime I’m sure us two early-hoarders are bound to close in on and purchase more beloved pieces for our home. (Guilty, as charged.)


(letsbuyit, ABC Home, Roll & Hill)


3 thoughts on “chairs & lights.

  1. ren says:

    this is very freaky, we just collected 2 of the white chairs ourselves last saturday! Its from Eames meh? I thought that brand is like extinct already

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