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Friday wunderlust.

I know I say this often enough, but it’s been an intense week. Juggling a few projects at once sounds easier than it really is.

Today  I just want to hop on a plane (with M) and visit my sister in Hong Kong – sit at Pret with a cup of hot chocolate, ooh and aah my way through Lane Crawford’s accessories section, then walk down to H&M at Central, before taking the clean MTR to the pleasant cacophony of Cantonese being spoken around me.

(Tropical Island)


5 thoughts on “Friday wunderlust.

  1. skerrie says:

    Hello zee

    I’ve been following your blog this past year – love your musings about life and especially your style and design recommendations.

    That said, I’m feeling the friday wanderlust too, and your vivid descriptions are NOT HELPING. Now I feel like heading to H&M too :p

    Jokes aside, still love reading your blog – keep it up!

    • theletterzee says:

      Hi skerrie!

      It’s always lovely to hear from people on the other ‘side’ of this blog, so thank you for leaving a note here :) Hehe well I’m just doing my duty, spreadin’ the wunderlust…!

      Have an awesome weekend! And if you’re from Singapore, have an awesome LONG Hari Raya weekend ;)

  2. Yuu says:

    Dearie Zee, I have also been following your blog for quite awhile now and always enjoy what you have posted. Got a question: any moisturizing cream for the body that we can get from our local drugstores which you would recommend? ( noted I have been having itchiness on my skin and thought you might know what cream to use) thanks:)

    • theletterzee says:

      Hello Yuu, aww thank you for saying so :) As for the moisturiser, it does depend on how dry your skin is, and whether you prefer a really light “sink-in” lotion or something creamier. I like my moisturiser a little creamy but without being sticky or ‘suffocatingly’ thick. My current favourite is this brand called “A-DERMA” – its “EXOMEGA cream comes in a 200ml tube and is made for Atopic skin (i.e. Eczema sufferers like me). It is slightly costly though at about $28 a tube I think but I usually wait for it to go on 20% off at Guardian every few months :) Hope that helps!

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