said tongue in chic

The bright-lippie hunt.

So last night, Monny could meet me after all and we headed to Orchard to do the dirty. Our first stop?

Sephora at ION Orchard of course!

At the MAC counter and its sea of lipstick shades and textures (gloss? Matt? Creamy? Huh?), Mon started picking out lippies for me instructively. She being the (more) pro lipstick user. “Try this. And this. And this could be nice too.”

It turns out I brought the best person lippie shoppin’ cos her very first recc – a Cremesheen called “Speak Louder” – was exactly what I was looking for. (And somehow, matte red lips just made me look like I smeared blood all over.)

The colour’s kind of like this :

Went on easy, a little creamy and a hint of gloss.


Oh, small caveat – they ran out of this shade like, all over Singapore.Haha!

Thanks Monny for going shopping with me for lippies and socks, it was a nice night indeed. :)

(TongueChic, Female)


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