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Hanoi was…


… Diligent wedding photography.

The Old Quarter where we stayed was choice wedding photography territory. We saw this couple twice – each time in different locations and different outfits! And check out the ‘pose coach’. That leg cross… we saw it everywhere. Hehe!

… Vibrant street life.

People napped,

got them hair did,

chowed down on noodles,

or simply, hung out after school.

There were gorgeous buildings to admire –

– and delicious local food to be had.

Paris Deli does a mean Viet ice coffee. (I’m too chicken for it so I had a gorgeous creamy heavenly Mocha frappucino instead.)

Cha ca la vong… ah, I can still remember the fish sauce :-)

‘Bun’ (pronounced ‘boon’) – MSG-laden but oh so tasty nonetheless.

‘Mystery meat’ (okay, pork) at Nguyen Sinh, a Banh Mi stall in the old quarter.

Stellar melt-in-your-mouth ‘bun cha’ (grilled pork skewers with ‘bun’). This was from Spice Garden, our hotel’s Vietnamese restaurant. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And I don’t even like meat that much.

And who can forget… pho.

Represented by a bubbling cauldron of broth.

I’ll be back, Hanoi. :-)


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