all together, with feeling now, said tongue in chic

sweet, sweet dreams.

Hello again! I’m sorry for disappearing for so many days; work has been really intense and I’ve needed the time away from the computer, really.

Wanderlust and an upcoming work trip have inspired me to go winter-clothing shopping. And a fruitful trip tonight, it was! I got…

a black beret with rhinestones from Uniqlo. (when pulled down, protects ears from cold! Wayhay. :))

Some Heat-tech leggings and socks as well.

a pair of jeans from Zara.

a navy blue military-inspired chunky cardigan, also from Zara.

Whee! Don’t you love it when you need to find something and you actually find it while shopping? :)

Have a great week ahead dears… x



3 thoughts on “sweet, sweet dreams.

  1. hi z! heat tech is amazing! great buy there :) heat tech inner wear saved my life during the swedish winter. would wear the leggings under jeans and i would be set (waist down) for zero degrees. was at uniqlo last night toO! at ion. which branch were you at? pity we didn’t bump :(

  2. theletterzee says:

    nab : aww thanks! yeah i love that it’s practical too. can cover my ears that always freeze

    missjabok : oh i’m so glad to know that for a fact! I was looking at the material dubiously but remembered how Stylebubble (Susie the blogger) talked about how great it was and she’s in london, so. Oh I was at the ION branch too! around, 8pm? what time were you there?

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