all together, with feeling now, travel

cobblestone streets & sweaters.

I’m here in London, and it’s fr-rr-rreezing! Temperatures are hovering above/below the zero degree celsius line. Thankfully, no snow yet.

Yesterday we went shopping in Covent Garden. I was so happy to be back there… my first memories of the place go back to 2004, when I visited my sister who was studying in London then. Her hostel was at Holborn, steps away from Covent Garden. It’s funny to go back and see how some shops are still in the exact same place they were 6 years ago, as if nothing’s changed. But of course, so much has :-)

Among other things, M found shoes at Russell & Bromley, I visited lots of gorgeous stores like Cath Kidston, Urban Outfitters, and Kurt Geiger (lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing but no buying), and also bought a super-soft and warm scarf from Gap.  

Then we came back to the hotel, and fell asleep for a solid 11 hours. So exhausted from the cold and all that travel (14 hour plane ride – wasn’t as bad as I thought but still tiring) and walking!

Today, work begins – I’m excited but also a little anxious about the meetings. Let’s see how things go – fingers crossed of course!



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