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snowflakes & sun rays.

Hello there! I’m back from the cold, snowy climes of Londontown – trying to adjust back into the warm humidity of Singapore. Funny how coming back home was a much bigger shock to my system than arriving in London was – thankfully jetlag hasn’t been too cruel.

It’s hard to believe it’s already December and party season is a-coming! Where have I been all November? Stress and work made my November pass by in a blur.

I’ll be sharing photos from London soon (I hope) – but till then, here are some snippets from blogs I love :

Hilda Grahnat’s grandfather’s watch collection is so cool. I want the one second from the left!

Cute furry wabbit (via fashiontoast). Reminds me of this home-makeover TV show I watched in the UK, where a middle-aged couple had the cutest floppy-eared bunny that had free rein of the entire house :)

The prettiest colors, fabrics & textures, from Vamoose.


2 thoughts on “snowflakes & sun rays.

  1. theletterzee says:

    hi Jan! awww that’s so sweet :-) am glad to be back. yes we ate and ate and ate heh heh helps that it’s cold and so food was a great comfort.

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