all together, with feeling now, comfort food*

and here’s what we ate.

So, London was mainly shopping and eating. And hanging out with great people :-)

The first taste of real food after a 14-hour flight and dragging a heavy luggage through the biting cold. Breakfast at The Hempel, where we stayed for 3 nights.

Lunch at Canela, a little hole-in-the-wall place in Covent Garden.

Veggie lasagne –

Hearty tomato soup – brilliant with lots of pepper and Pirata hot sauce.

Coming back to the hotel room after work and finding a box of surprise Laduree macarons – awwww.

Day 4’s dinner at Jamie’s Italian – a disappointment, but t’was lovely to see Fontane, one of my oldest friends (we’ve known each other since we were 7!) who lives and works in London.

Sadly, all the mains (3 pastas, 1 risotto) were either over-salted or under-salted but consistently lacking in flavor.

Day 6 found us at The Breakfast Club – hungry for a good feed.

The All-American – sausage, bacon, hash browns, fried eggs, with pancakes & maple syrup. (Those hash browns? To die for, with HP sauce.)

Poached eggs & hollandaise, with asparagus.

Dinner that night – fish & chips. How could we not? :-)

Rock & Sole Plaice is this old-school tacky-as-you-like fish & chips joint. Check out the walls!

We had 10 minutes flat to gobble up our food before our Chicago musical started. Yikes.

I had the cod; M had the halibut. Ohhh I loved my cod. :-)

Day 7 – Borough Market. Easily the highlight of the trip!

A few metres in, and we spot this Cajun-style fish & prawn wrap cookin’ up.

Resist, we could not.

Brindisa’s chorizo roll was next.

It was gooood. I don’t even like red peppers, but the red pepper and chorizo was a match made in heaven.

Believe it or not, Bratwurst rolls were next.

Last stop was the raclette stand.

Hot melted cheese. Blistering before your eyes. Is there a more tantalizing sight?

Mmmmm. :-)


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