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graphic love.

Hello! How was your weekend?

Mine was spent sleeping, eating and staring at the TV, really. Thanks to jet-lag and a nagging cold/sore throat, it was a really low-key weekend for me.

I’ve been staying away from home decor for awhile – those pangs to furnish my own home often can be more frustrating than exciting. Especially since it’s still at least a good year before we’ll get the keys to our apartment. But ever since I picked up a free issue of Elle Decoration on the flight back to Singapore from London, I’ve had living rooms and wall colors and sofa fabrics on my mind.

And the most recent fruit of those impulses is this “Crystallized” print by Michelle Hinebrook, off 20×200.

I love prints that you can look at time and again, and find new things about it that you didn’t notice before, so this one fits the bill perfectly. Oh and have I mentioned that I’m crazy about geometric shapes?

(This is an old favourite that I got years ago, thanks to spotting it on sandra juto’s blog – titled “Baby I Love You” by Anders Hellman. It hangs above my dresser now and I love the color contrasts :-))

(via Anders Hellman)


3 thoughts on “graphic love.

  1. zee says:

    yeah right? it was such a worthwhile investment (shipping cost was so ‘ouch’ – almost as much as the poster itself), looking back! :-)

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