all together, with feeling now

a wonderful time of the year.

This weekend consisted of…

Company Christmas Day Out = lunch at Jewel Box + cable car ride + laser shoot-out + drinks, dinner & games at Krish

P.S. Cafe Ann Siang Hill

Bridal-gown shop-hop (with my lovelies, Di & Xiao)

Super efficient Christmas gift shopping

Helping out in cookie-baking (choc chip peanut butter oatmeal, if you are interested to know :-))

Muji therapy (new storage solutions for the room, plus lots of little essentials)

Phew! It was a great weekend, even though I was slightly under the weather with a lingering cold.

Orchard Road is decked out in blue, purple and silver lights, piped-in Christmas carols everywhere, gift buying has hit a frenzy – oh yes, I feel it now. Christmas is here!

I hope you all have exciting plans in store for the rest of December – but first, have a great work week ahead :-)

(photo by me)


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