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2011 #1.

New year’s eve weekend : the evidence.

P.S. Cafe’s truffle shoe-string fries (well, we had this last week but they were so awesome I had to share it here), my new favourite necklace (from H&M),  Thai express lunch, framing our prints, a cool vintage Land Rover spotted in the carpark, creamy avocado sprinkled with sea salt and cracked pepper, Aussie ribeye with the greenest and most fragrant fresh rosemary we’ve ever had, realizing how tiring it is to dice vegetables, the half-successful potato, leek and butternut squash soup (unripe butternut left us with a rather potato-leeky tasting soup), chicken rice at Far East Plaza that left my tummy warm and grinny, finding M his much-loved 1st wedding anniversary present at Leftfoot (yay), breaking out our new darts, and finally – Bedok Blk 85 bak chor mee supper.

Happy 2011!


2 thoughts on “2011 #1.

  1. zee says:

    Hi babe! Avocadoes were bought from cold storage :) they were really nice and ripe. Oh and thank you abt the print – eggcited to see it all framed up!

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