all together, with feeling now, comfort food*


Hello hello! How’re you doing? After many, many take-home Soup Spoon Tangy Tomato packs, endless sachets, pills and feeling like a pile of poop for a long time, I’m beginning to get my energy back. And also, beginning to feel inspired at work :)

Phew! Almost thought I’d lost my mojo there.

A little news from around the blogosphere : Sarah of cute little blog Sarah’s Loft is going to be baking in a soon-to-open cafe! I’d love to try out her baked goodies.

Like, maybe, this poppy-seed cake. (NOMNOM.) Exciting stuff.

I’m really excited for the next couple of weekends to come – a housewarming party, long-overdue pedicure, and our first wedding anniversary staycation next weekend! Also, I will be checking out Tools of The Trade (ToTT) for work’s sake – ah, shopping in the name of work.

Can’t decide where to go for dinner tonight though. Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe Artichoke (thanks to Sherms & Nab!) but it’s pouring rain outside now.

Have a brilliant little weekend yourself, see you soon xx

(colormekatie via Unruly Things, sarahsloft)


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