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A year later,

that same day, we ate, watched tv, we took nice long walks. It was decidedly nice in a low-key way, despite the bothersome hiccups.

It definitely felt surreal thinking back to the wedding – many memories scarily fuzzy. And it was just a year ago…?!

Just goes to show, in the end it’s not the wedding that endures. It’s everything else, cemented from the moment we said ‘yes’ to this crazy life together, that does.

And the journey continues. :)



6 thoughts on “A year later,

  1. zee says:

    Yes we did! Errr the hotel (design, furnishing etc) was lovely but the service was quite disappointing. I kinda wouldn’t recommend it given the price – for that amount you should get both gorgeous environs and great service!

    • zee says:

      J: I asked myself that too haha since it seems kind of obvious to put one in but we simply didn’t take any! Thank u my dear for your sweet wishes :-) how is work by the way? Has it started…?

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