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I’ve recently begun to love velvet, if only our weather allowed us to wear it without sweating like a hog.

What are your Chinese New Year plans? Are you going visiting, or are you escaping for the long weekend? Or perhaps, just making lots of plans to stay home and do absolutely nothing?

Tonight’s going to be reunion dinner galore – first my family’s dinner at No Signboard Seafood, then M’s mum’s side reunion dinner (which is always racuous and a blast). My family’s heading to Bali on the 2nd day of the New Year, so this blog’ll be quiet toward the end of this week. Fingers crossed all goes well (oh, family holidays. ’nuff said)… Have a wonderful week ahead, my dears!



4 thoughts on “gilded.

  1. zee says:

    hi there pat! well it’s fine if you spend all day indoors, but where i work lunchtime inevitably means sweltering in the hot sun to get some grub :)
    ps. i absolutely adore your wedding with all its touches and details… lovelyy!

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