all together, with feeling now


I kept myself company tonight. Books Kinokuniya, dinner at a new place (Japanese sticky rice is yums), and then a bus trip home, glued to Esperanza Spalding on Youtube.

It was really nice and peaceful, plus I could hear myself think. Somehow turned out to be just what I needed.

Books Kinokuniya is therapy in a store. Although I couldn’t find and stock up on my beloved – elongated, ring-bound, mildly lined, thin paper, right price i.e. seriously perfect – work notebook, I did walk away with 2 paperbacks related to what I do.

Yes, I’m on a little self-improvement wave lately. (And apparently also obsessed with finding the perfect notebook. Especially since I now know it exists…!)

In line with being in a rut, and feeling not-good-enough, I suppose the only way to get out of it is to do something about it. And re-igniting a once-obsessive reading habit is, I suppose, a way more affordable alternative to that Master’s degree I was mulling over.

So that’s my plan! :)



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