all together, with feeling now, said tongue in chic, travel

not a light-packing snail.

I had to travel for business these two days and thanks to the fact that my bosses are extremely savvy travellers and I’m a rather rusty one, it made for a rather embarrassing situation when they brought a messenger bag and a little weekender sling bag respectively for 1 night’s stay, while I brought a small luggage. 

Well, it was small. And it wasn’t full, either.

It would be okay if we were all checking in our bags. But of course waiting for bags at the baggage claim isn’t on the time schedule for seasoned business travelers used to zipping in and out of airports – so when I said could I please check in my bag, naturally they were a bit hesitant.

Trust me, in the time that’s elapsed I have had my fair share of ‘why didn’t I pack lighter’ mental checklists of what I could’ve offloaded, and also flashbacks to ‘Up In The Air’ starring George Clooney as road warrior extraordinaire, for whom packing lightly was almost a status badge and definitely a matter of ‘been there, done that’ old-timer pride.

I used to be the kind of traveler who thought well-made and – more importantly, good-looking – travel bags were an unnecessary luxury. But then this trip – and my boss’ matching stormy-blue Longchamp tote-and-overnighter set – have changed my mind (for better or for worse. I say, worse.)

Now I’m galvanised to buy all sorts of mini Muji toiletry bottles, roll religiously (clothes, that is), and cut down, cut down, cut down! This cute little Muji luggage would surely help things along.

And a bigger Longchamp Le Pliage.

Oh god, somebody shut me up.


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