all together, with feeling now

getting older.

Hello there! It’s been a rather eventful few days, so I’ve been a little quiet. But I haven’t forgotten you, I just needed to find time to say hi.

I hope you’re having a great week so far :)

Work has started to pick up pace for the year, and it looks like there might be a fair amount of travel this month – while it will be rather exciting, it’s safe to say that it will also be very tiring.

Oh, and next week just about makes a whole year at my current firm.


Time really flies, doesn’t it? Especially when you’re having fun, getting challenged (both good-challenged and not-so-good-challenged), and learning and growing. And making firm friends along the way :)

Looking back, what a trip it’s been.

Aaaand. Next Friday marks six years since M and I got into a minor car accident (woops) and he asked me to be his girlfriend (East Coast Park; could we’ve been more cliched?).

Six years of love and fights and belly laughs and tears and silly nicknames and kisses and holding hands and reading maps, we’re still here. Better than we’ve ever been, I think; which is a good sign.

I guess getting older does have its perks, huh?




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