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stolen moments in Fuzhou.

Fuzhou was interesting, for lack of a better word. It was charming with lots of old buildings (and new high-rise apartments), quiet side streets, and had a certain quirkiness not found in Shanghai or Beijing.

At a restaurant one night, we spotted this sign – the Chinese words actually mean ‘sashimi’. But they were regrettably literal about things… (unless… it was human sashimi!?)

View from my hotel room. Shawna, this close-up is for Ben! :)

Stationery shop opposite a primary school, where I bought 6 cutesy pens for S$0.40 each.

A stolen peek into a residential complex.

San fang qi xiang, a touristy architectural street that had a McDonald’s and Starbucks.

So that was Fuzhou. Was nice to be in Fujian Province, as that is where my paternal grandfather was originally from. Even though he was not from Fuzhou, it was good to have connected in a little way with the place.


2 thoughts on “stolen moments in Fuzhou.

  1. theletterzee says:

    ooh :) and apparently the local hokkien dialect we speak is ‘min-nan yu’ (same as Taiwanese) and not the same dialect as spoken in Fuzhou!

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