all together, with feeling now, said tongue in chic

long lost.

After many, many months of fruitless searching, I finally found them.

The perfect pair of tailored shorts. (That fit.)

Oh Zara, I love you. So much that I could not resist a pair in chili red and another in grass green.

(Edit : Spotted – where the security tag pin was, a fraying hole was left in the green pair o’ shorts. Am going back tomorrow to try and exchange for another pair! Fingers crossed they still have (undamaged) stock. xx )

What’re you up to this weekend?

I’m heading up to KL for a short business trip on Monday, so this weekend will be mainly recuperating from the crazy week, final preparations for the trip, and running a few errands. Phew!

I hope you have an exciting, fun-filled weekend :) Toodles.


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