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April, part two.

There’s no denying April has been some kind of blistering hot here in Singapore. On a warm sticky afternoon, Nab, Sue and I ventured to Loysel’s Toy in search of the fabled Papa Palheta coffee and yummy desserts.

It was actually a nice walk by the river to get there. Almost didn’t look like Singapore!

And then we were there! It’s such a cute place.

We managed to get a table outside despite how crowded it was – we were lucky because a couple happened to leave just as we came in.

We ordered the chocolate cake, chocolate tart, and a butter croissant to share. I had the iced mocha, which was lovely. We were disappointed though that they had run out of lemon tarts – Sue said they were amazing.

And then, we noticed the table next to us had the lemon tart! So we ran in and asked (nicely) if we could have some too. Apparently the second batch had sold out too so we were just a minute too late. They had another batch made for tomorrow, though, and initially they were reluctant to sell us any. But after much begging and negotiation, we managed to get one to share. Yay!

And it was worth the wait too. Tart lemon curd, spilling out of the biscuity buttery crust. Yum.

Tummies full and happy, we decided to explore the building Loysel’s Toy is in. It’s this nice old industrial building with both a modern lift and an old, gated lift. For the heck of it, we tried the old lift out.

Needless to say, lots of giggles and shrieks!

It’s really a great little place – I’ll definitely be back!


2 thoughts on “April, part two.

  1. love loysel’s! you’ve awesome photos of the trek there. for a ‘mo i’d thought you’d gone on holiday :) if you haven’t already, 13 wives is also worth checking out. they’ve some pretty cutting edge drinks.

    • zee says:

      Yes that part of Singapore looks so blissfully unlike Singapore doesn’t it! Thanks for the tip, will have to try it out then.

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