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last weekend,

I discovered it was possible to make mac and cheese this good. (Truffle oil’s the trick, plus a really crusty top. From Bedrock Grill.)

My cousin got married. Bittersweet, as all family occasions are for me. But mostly sweet.

Voting for the first time in my life felt really good, liberating, and also a little funny. We did it in a school canteen, in a rickety portable voting booth. And it was all hushed and formal and over in 2 minutes.

Dolling up for the wedding dinner with my sister. T’was nice sisterly time, although her hair didn’t work out (she ended up re-doing it herself because the stylist didn’t do a good job. Oops!)

Brunch at P.S. Cafe the next day, in lieu of a visit to the Singapore Biennale (too blazin’ hot!).

Vintage finds at Oakham Market in Ann Siang. Sis got an oversize checked shirt, I got a navy sundress with dragonflies all over it.

Definitely one of those weekends I didn’t want to end. :)


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