all together, with feeling now

walk that mile/until the end starts.

Hello there! That was a little bit of a hiatus, wasn’t it. I’d been in some kind of deep funk for a while. But some tears, salted Mr. Brown ice cream (sea salt + caramel + chocolate dough chunks), encouraging words from M and close friends, and weekday nights on the sofa with Season 5 of The Office (still so good!) have helped.

A culmination of several things, that knotted together to form this giant ball of frustration and self-doubt. Funny how the things you ignore always come back to bite you in the ass much harder, than if you’d addressed the issues in the first place.

Anyway :)

We’ll be off to Beijing for 5 days, come 10 June! Whee. Wholesale centres, furniture places, art galleries, plenty of foot reflexology sessions and delicious food await. Do you have any recommendations? I’d love to hear them! xx

p.s. Our Prism light got delivered yesterday! Woot.

Still no iPad though. Hopefully this evening it’ll be patiently waiting at home for my eager hands in its brown box.


6 thoughts on “walk that mile/until the end starts.

  1. siang wei says:

    must-go: 大董烤鸭. Main outlet at 朝阳区团结湖北口3号楼(长虹桥东南侧), Tel: 010-65822892

    check out 南锣鼓巷, many quaint shops and cafes to while your time away.

    for nice mojitos, my personal fave is Bed Bar at 17 Zhangwang Hutong (张旺胡同), Jiu Gulou Dajie (旧鼓楼大街)

    the modern and upmarket beijing can be found at Sanlitun’s Village, and The Opposite House (luxury boutique hotel). can drop by the Opp House’s bar and check out the interior.

    i guess you would already know the 798 Art District. :)

    finally, you may want to check out Commune by The Great Wall too.

    hope u have loads of fun exploring!

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