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iPad love.


A brand new week, and another Monday plods along by.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Side note – I just discovered WordPress’ iPad display format. It’s so much better than boring webpage:

My weekend was pretty low-key – I spent most of it holing up and bonding with the new iPad. Among my life-changing discoveries – Vegas Towers. It’s a free game that basically is very much like Sim Tower (fave game of ALL TIME, ALL TIME!) where you build and run a Vegas hotel/mall/casino. You build hotel rooms, Pizza Bells and Taco Huts, toilets and staircases, and you get pudgy Hawaiian-shirted tourists complete with cameras round necks coming to visit.

Ugh, perfect game for control freaks. Hah! :)

If only I could get it to work properly – it seems a bit buggy. But my sister (who introduced me to it) seems to have no issues with it so maybe it’s just me.

Another app I love – Flipboard. Great magazine / newspaper column-like layout and actual flippable pages make it much better than Pulse’s horizontal scrolling, for instance. (horizontal scrolling of information just makes a lot less sense to me.) Again, some bugginess with posting replies directly from Flipboard occasionally, but since the app is free and fun, I’m not complaining.

What’re your favorite iPad apps?

ps. Have a good, smooth week everyone!

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4 thoughts on “iPad love.

  1. i’ve been wanting to get an ipad, but i couldn’t quite get used to the mobile reader formatting. do u have anything else to recommend?

    • theletterzee says:

      Hi Ivan, I’m a tech idiot for the most part so don’t quite know what you mean by mobile google reader? Perhaps you can explain. :)

      • what i meant was the mobile version for google reader (which consolidates rss feeds for blogs etc). when u access google reader using an ipad or an iphone, both devices will automatically display the site in a mobile-friendly version – lesser links, clutter etc.

        i have you on google reader! thats how i keep track of all the blogs i read/follow!

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