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good morning!

There are so many things right about this photo, I don’t know where to start.

I hope you have a great Tuesday :)

p.s. Has anyone seen Hangover II yet? … What’d you think? I caught it over the weekend and found it to be fairly bleugh.

p.p.s. Celebrating M’s birthday tomorrow with a lunch, my treat, at Iggy’s and then maybe another trip to Grafunkt to check out more furniture – they are still having 30% off. I’m excited!



6 thoughts on “good morning!

  1. I’m utterly fascinated by bird feathers… whenever I go to my ahgong’s house, I stare at his pet bird like a crazy person. Soooo amazing. I’m staring at this fella’s feathers now.

    Anyway, yeah Hangover 2 was meh. I think I laughed twice throughout the whole movie. They better not bother with a third one!

  2. zee says:

    Yeah arent the feathers so amazing? :)

    Yay thanks for saying that about hangover! I thought I’d lost my funny bone but yeah I probably laughed out loud the same number of times as you did. I trusted them to make much better sequel than that…

  3. Hey I believe I spotted you at Grafunkt today! I was there with my hubby and my brother and gf to check out furniture, after spending some time at Egg3 upstairs. I thought it was you at first sight and confirmed it when I saw your husband as well! Not sure if you noticed, but I was in all-white, had on a black bib necklace and was with specs. ;p

    • theletterzee says:

      Hey Joy! Oh what a coincidence :) The store was very crowded so I’m not very sure I saw you… Did you guys get anything after all?

  4. Neh, we didn’t land anything as we were just doing our initial rounds, checking out the market to assess the prices and the current offerings. But I must say several awesome pieces caught our eyes! If only there’s nothing called a “budget”….

    • theletterzee says:

      Yes definitely! If only :) Grafunkt’s stuff isn’t cheap but I do think there are many pieces that are really well made.

      Have fun furniture shopping! :)

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