all together, with feeling now, home

four-legged (home) creatures.

Hello! Beijing pictures have been a bit slow to come, I thought uploading them onto Facebook would make it easier for me to share them here. But it turns out the new Facebook photo viewer doesn’t allow you to copy image links at all… Bah humbug.

Anyway, how was your weekend? What did you get up to?

We had a very furniture-obsessed weekend, starting with Grafunkt on Saturday. Remember the six-legged globular light we bought, but then shortly replaced with the prism light? We decided to return it. Nathan kindly allowed us to exchange it for other pieces in his showroom, and we picked these :

This “Elle” dining chair, that M and I both thought of as “handsome”, thanks to how solid and well-built it feels …

… and this Blu Dot desk for the study, in grey corrugated steel and walnut. Simple, unassuming, and with just enough jazz for it to be interesting.

We also went on a bit of a sofa hunt on Sunday, going to Proof Living (S$38,000 for a sofa? …Not unless my bum’s made of liquid gold), Space (boring designs), and Dream. They’re all having mid-year sales in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale, but Dream’s sale is the best so far, with 40% off on some pieces. A couple of sofas caught our eye, but we’re still undecided. One minute it’s this one, the next it’s the other. They both have pros and cons and require trade-offs. O, who knew buying a sofa could be such a stressful decision!

Have a great week ahead, my dears!


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