all together, with feeling now

Counting down the days.

Hello! How’s your week been going? We’re on Tuesday, sliding into Wednesday and hopefully the weekend will come round soon enough.

This past weekend though was pretty epic for me – I’ve been needing a good streak for a while now. :)

Transformers 3 on Friday night turned me into a kid again (I loved it so much, I sat there gaping and smiling to myself); we got a sofa on discount (!) (more on that later) ; Haji Lane and Far East Plaza were visited. Shopping was done. Sleeping in was achieved. A new favourite brunch location was discovered. And I had chai tow kway and teh tarik for breakfast on Saturday.

Aaahhhhh. Life is good :-)

The perfect latte, at Caffe Beviamo.

Spinach ravioli with broccolini, also at Caffe Beviamo. Not as great as it looked though.

My favourite massage place – Kenko.

Selecting sofa and throw cushion fabrics under the gentle smiling gaze of Florence Knoll.

So many colors and textures, it was mind boggling indeed.

A Celine dress I bought from Far East Plaza (authenticity = questionable), but I love it nonetheless.

We found our sofa throw at – of all places – a streetwear store in Haji Lane. It was the one and only piece, and we loved the print so much we just couldn’t resist. Here’s to many lovely weekend afternoons snuggled under the blanket watching TV with the air-con on!

Oh, and some exciting news – I’m going for the Gaga showcase on Thursday!! M and some of my best friends are going too, and I can feel it in my bones – it’s going to be awesome.

Have a brilliant week, and I’ll check in on you soon. xx


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