all together, with feeling now, photografii


Me : “I don’t know what they are but they are so cute!”

Kimberley : “Obviously they are panda-lambs”

Old Chang Kee sardine puff – drool.

Queuing for Gaga tickets. Turns out those in front were collecting other things – I got serial number 0001 on my ticket! So I’m the first person to collect the tickets, period! WOOT.

Say hello to my new Mexican-skull ring.

I bought this too, because it’s so hard to come by rings that fit my abnormally small fingers.

This was from a really fun evening last week, when M and I went to Plaza Singapura to buy tickets for Transformers 3 (we had vouchers so you needed to go to the counter to get them), and decided on a whim to hit the arcade like old times. Daytona Racing! Basketball shooting! Bishi Bashi!

And of course, Street Fighter. It was fascinating to learn that all you had to do was swivel the joystick ’round, and hit the three buttons many, many times. That’s it. (Or so I am told!)

Gnarly jewelry. Island Shop was having 50% off on these, so they were 10 bucks each. SCORE!

The first time I had Orangina in many years. So citrusy and fizzy, perfect for a warm day.



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