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The great earphone hunt.

Recently, a lost in-ear headphone bud (that’s also been discontinued :( ) triggered a giant earphone hunt on my part.

I love me some good in-ear headphones that shut out the world, fit comfortably, and that produce sparkly depth of sound. (None of those tinny, shallow sounds, please!)

So I experimented with a few pairs – with M at the receiving end of those failed subjects.

Audio Technica’s spiffy-looking ATH-CKL200 were my first try. They cost less than $50 at HMV, and looked really colorful and fun, so I thought why not?

Bad move. These were really tinny and shallow sounding – even worse than my current Apple + Griffin Ear Jam (since discontinued – boo) combination.

My second experiment subject were these A-Jay Fours. The salesperson highly recommended them, and in my impulsive desire to get something in time for the Phuket trip, I caved and got them for $118.

I did love the flat-noodle cables and the concave-convex button controls were nice and intuitive. However the sound was again a let-down – great on the highs and mids but really shallow on the bass. Boo!

I should also mention that I visited Stereo at Plaza Singapura – they are a great little headphone specialty store, where you can test every headphone they sell. The staff are also key  – look for an Indonesian-Chinese guy with spectacles. He knows his stuff and is friendly and patient. I didn’t buy from them though, as the only in-ear headphones I felt provided a good balance of bass and “detail” (as they call it) were $320 Westone 2’s. (They don’t stock Klipsch, by the way)

So on the internet I went, and CNET highly recommended these Klipsch S4’s. They were said to be really comfortable, with their unique oval earbuds shaped to fit the ear canal (makes so much sense now that you think about it, right?), and produced stellar sound for the price. After a little digging around, I found TC Acoustic in Singapore, who are the exclusive distributors for Klipsch in Singapore and Malaysia. A quick stop at the TC Acoustic store later, they were mine for $128. A really reasonable price for the superb sound quality – clear, crisp, and with depth. I’m in love!



4 thoughts on “The great earphone hunt.

  1. ren says:

    You shd have asked me! Jaben at Adelphi level let’s you test out any pair of earphones (with your own music device), and their selection is enormous and very reasonable pricing too compared to Stereo.. maybe next time!

  2. theletterzee says:

    Oh, I asked my friend whose husband works in IT… They recommended Stereo. Anyway I was looking for Klipsch’s that I bought eventually at TC Acoustic, not Stereo :)

  3. ren says:

    Yes, Jaben carries Klipsch, Audio Technica etc. The best thing abt the shop is that you can just sit there and test out the earphones that you want to buy. I just bought a new pair of Shures from there about 2 months ago, after spending about an hour sitting there listening to my iphone and switching between different earphones but settled for the Shures in the end. Worth a try the next time you are looking for a new pair

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