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blow out the candles, make a wish

Hello! So it was my birthday last Thursday, and it’s been a fairly hectic time meeting up with friends and family. I took a couple days off for a staycation with M, and turns out it was much-needed since I was nursing a sore throat-turned-cold/cough the whole time (and now as well).

But, I tried not to let the sickies ruin the festivities!

Flowers sent to the office, the day before – those lilies smelt wonderful! That day walso had pandan cake from Bengawan Solo (it’s an office tradition to celebrate birthdays complete with birthday song-singing), and as they were so cheap we could buy 3 ($10 each), and most people got to have a second or even third helping. Usually, we would be rationing the cakes with a tiny sliver each… Overjoyed is the word :-)

The next day was my actual birthday, and as I was on leave, I planned to get my spinal x-ray done – this was necessary for the chiropractic sessions I’d been going for. It was a very interesting experience, for the fact that you have to do weird poses like put your hands up in a praying mantis type position, extend your jaw fully while looking up, etc., and also the Malay dude (radiologist?) who was doing the x-rays was really funny and chatty.

Before the x-rays though, I had lunch at Daikokuya in Paragon. The ramen was really good!



Fried garlic chips – delicious, freshly fried, and $1 a bowl – a generous portion.



I had the tonkotsu miso ramen. The egg was perfect, and the soup broth creamy. Yummm.


After lunch and the x-ray, I went to meet Yixiao for tea at P.S. Cafe Palais. She very sweetly bought me my first Luxe guide ever – Hong Kong and Macau. It will come in very handy I’m sure :)



A slight digression here – my dad sent me this email that made me go “awwwwww” –

And when I met him days later and told him his email was very nice, he said he took much pains to think of how to word it! Haha. He’s so cute, my dad.

That night, M met me for dinner at Imperial Treasure Steamboat. I have to say, I was never a fan of steamboat, but ever since I had that life-changing experience at Haidilao in Beijing, I’m a changed woman. Haha.

The ambience was lovely, ingredients fresh, and the soup bases were super tasty. Oh, and the selection of sauces was impressive.


We had the Sichuan spicy soup on one side, and the traditional pork bone broth on the other. The Sichuan proved too much for me, especially with a sore throat. But the pork bone broth was really more-ish and creamy.


The next day, Friday, we checked into the Ritz for a night’s stay.

Saturday morning, we decided to have lunch at Rasapura. I was particularly craving the teh from there.


M and his new hat.


The helix bridge.


On Sunday, we stumbled upon this antiques store that’s apparently been in Greenwood for 30 years, but that we never saw before… Picked up this wooden stool for a sweet price.




Happy birthday, sis! I wish we could’ve spent it together. 


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