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the little surprises.

The second half of August brought lots of meals with family and friends, a bout of cough-sore-throat-flu (hence the absence last week), and rather nicely, some great news on the work front.

It’s really funny, but M and I will both begin new chapters at work on the exact same day (he got some good news too :)). Talk about serendipity.

Here are some snippets from these couple of weeks –

My favourite corn bugles. I could not stay away, even with a swollen throat.

A new top – apparently, 随货 Marni. I love how it hides all manners of sins.

I re-read this after 13 years (sure brings back memories of secondary school and lit classes, my favourite) and savored every minute. Kind of sad that it’s over! Officially on the hunt for a new book to fall in love with.

At Sarnies, a cute little Aussie-style cafe on Telok Ayer street. We made a lunch stop there last week, and spotted these feng shui lucky lions near the cashier.

The sugar cubes come in the cutest little sweet-packets.

One of my new dresses from Oakham Market. Still pleasantly surprised that it fits perfectly and is just the right between-calf-and-ankle length.

What I wore to Yixiao and Diana’s intimate bridal shower.

The private room at Basilico, with just the 5 of us (1 bridesmaid was ill, another hadn’t arrived when we took this).

Sunday afternoon was spent furniture hunting. We picked up a sewing machine similar to this, and will probably customize it to become a side table. Turns out all this vintage restored furniture comes from Melaka (!).

We hit ReStore in Tanjong Pagar, but found the stuff beautiful and overpriced.

As a cafe, it was charming though. Hard not to love any place that smells like freshly made waffles.


Sister in law gave me this beautiful turquoise-navy turtle ring for my birthday. I love it. And it’s so hard to find rings that fit my fingers :)

Turtle says hi!


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