photografii, said tongue in chic

on the brain.

Hello! How’re you doing?

It’s been a hectic week for me and today I finally get to take a little breather. It’s a little hard to believe that in 2 days’ time, I will be boarding a plane for Hong Kong. I’ve been looking forward to this trip so much it’s surreal to think it’s really happening soon.

I’m most excited to hang out with my sister, catch up with a few close friends, and gorge on delicious food; but also excited to hit the shops  :-)

The Coveteur never fails to provide me with pre-shopping inspiration :

That triangular-plated necklace on the left, from Monet Mazur’s closet.

The dresses on the extreme left and right have the most perfect prints. Especially in love with the black one. Also Monet Mazur’s.

Weeeelll I won’t be buying this anytime soon but this vintage Hermes bag was too good not to share. From Monica Rose’s closet.

I’ve got dresses on the brain – this Prada dress (owned by Sharon Ainsberg) is so versatile – perfect with both thong sandals and high heels.

(The Coveteur)



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