all together, with feeling now

Hello lovelies! I must apologize for the long radio silence; it’s been a manifold whammy of parental health scare / hectic stressful days at work / granduncle’s funeral / teetering on the edge of a cold and sore throat and therefore feeling tired most of the time.

There have also been happy occurrences though, such as tonight – to celebrate my dad’s birthday, we went out for Japanese and then treated him to a waffle & ice cream birthday “cake” at The Daily Scoop. He was beaming with such joy when I sang him Happy Birthday in as low-key a manner as I could muster; there was nothing more I could ask for in that moment :-)

I can report with relief though that all should be well on the parental health-scare front; we will know more this weekend but overall I don’t think – and fervently hope – it isn’t serious.

In the meantime the recent events have really made me realize that carpe diem couldn’t be truer when it comes to people you love. Life is short, and it is also unpredictable. The swift landing of this truth really sharpens perspective of what (who) truly matters and what to not sweat over.

So I’m learning. I suppose we all are.

I’ll speak to you soon hopefully, when my emotional state doesn’t predominantly swing between “stressed” and “tired” and when I’m better company.

Be safe and happy, and have a great week :-)


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