all together, with feeling now, rollofilm

takes you back.

So thankful someone thought to upload these old gems on to Youtube. Those cheongsams, the moves, the porcelain complexions, and most of all those melodies and voices …  the 1940s – 1960s to me are simply intoxicating.

周璇 – 夜上海 (1946).


葛蘭 – 人生何處不相逢 (1960s).


And the uber-entertaining 許冠傑 with 天才白痴钱钱钱 (1975).


This instrumental version of 不了情 is lovely, just for the old signboards in black and white (it’s taken from a 1961 film) –


And how can I possibly leave out an emo version of 不了情 by the great 林黛.


p.s. All is well on the family front after all, big relief! It was a really productive weekend filled with friends and family, and though tiring, was very satisfying. How was yours?


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