all together, with feeling now, gastronomic gusto

Hong Kong : Sushi Shin & Yuen Kee.

It might’ve been a 3.5 day trip, but I will always love you long time Hong Kong. Especially while you contain my sister, dear friends, and the best food.

Like Sushi Shin, where the omakase blew my mind in a good way.

When the condiments look this good, it usually is promising.

My first time trying Kinki fish – delicious.

Silky-sweet salmon sashimi. Ooh.

Cute little hotate seaweed sandwich. Tasty, but made my eczema flare up! Blegh.

Salmon roe that burst in your mouth with no fishiness in the least. A tad slimey but so surprisingly good.

Exquisite, delicate fish sushi follow.

Peaches like I’ve never peached before.

Thank you sis for the lovely birthday treat :-)

To continue the epic night, we headed to Yuen Kee in Sheung Wan, one of the oldest tong shui stores in Hong Kong.

The almond, hazelnut, and black sesame pastes are must-haves. One word of advice : avoid the egg sponge-cake. Because my sister says her friend once saw the owner dusting the sponge cakes with a feather duster along with the cabinet they sit in!

The black sesame paste is my fave. Oh, and don’t forget to add extra gingko nuts!



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