all together, with feeling now

(trying to find) calm amid the chaos.

Hello! Bad blogger that I am, it’s been a week since I last checked in. And what a week it’s been!

(View from my room in Makati City, Manila.)

I had a work trip to Manila, Philippines over the weekend (in a word, burnout), and then a day off to recuperate. The rest of the week dissolved into a hectic flurry, and my skin took a real good beating from all that stress. All flare-ups and discomfort :(

But a visit to the skin doctor and some self-psyching later, things are more or less under control and on the mend. I’m trying my best to remember to stay calm at all times and not to sweat ‘it’, whatever it may be.

But on to better news.

Thursday night, I caught up with an old friend and soon-to-be colleague at Haji Lane. After the supposed “best mee soto IN THE WORLD” let us down, we braved the incessant rain and puddly pavements and headed to Bar Stories for drinks. It was all in all a good night, not in the least because the bartender set some rosemary on fire for M’s drink.

M’s grandaunt’s 80th birthday bash was our Friday night – in all honesty it’s quite a feat to make it to that age; and I think the celebration definitely did that justice (drunk/happy relatives singing oldies all night and dancing on chairs, lots of pyrotechnic-food displays …)!

Salt-baked abalone set on fire. (A much calmer moment – pre-chair mounting.)

M very sweetly bought me some hydrangeas, knowing I’d be nervous about having to sing during the dinner.

Saturday was birthday-filled – first, dim sum with Monny and the gang to celebrate her birthday. We did some rather efficient shopping (2 work dresses and a black belt for me, and a sequin party dress for her, in an hour!), and then M and I had much-needed massages. The birthday celebrations continued with a BBQ for M’s cousin at night, followed by family mahjong. (I lost, b00)

Sunday was lazy – Rugby World Cup, pedicures and a trip to H&M. And some time to sit and enjoy a cup of teh :-)

I hope you had a great weekend too xx


5 thoughts on “(trying to find) calm amid the chaos.

    • theletterzee says:

      Yeah! There’s a real celebratory spirit to them – like “I made it this far”, rather than just celebrating another year’s passing :)

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