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X marks the spot.

Wow – just wow – Peter Pilotto.


How were your weeks, my dears? It’s Friday tomorrow and that got me really excited. My dear friends are hosting their baby boy’s 1st month brunch on Sunday, and on Saturday I’ll be visiting No Menu for some tasty Italian (hopefully) for Mon’s much-overdue birthday treat.

That’s what the three of us do every year — we buy each other birthday meals instead of presents. I like how with friends you know very well, buying them a meal is gift enough – because very often, the food might try very hard (and is validly great) but still fails to outshine the company :-)

On the home front, we are also collecting our sewing machine table and finalizing our kitchen, bathroom, and living flooring & tiles.

All in all an exciting weekend I hope, to make up for the grueling week.

Have a fantastic Friday! xx

(via The Sartorialist)


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