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October Pastiche.

Random snippets of my month –

Waiting to board at HKIA, nestled in a quiet forsaken corner of the Starbucks near the gates. (All that bustle and activity – the opposite of what I was feeling then at 7 in the morning.)


Organic lemonade – mmm tasty. M kept the bottle for flowers in our new home :-)


What I wore to Yixiao’s wedding dinner at Shangri-La. (That black squarish thing in my hand is actually my opened clutch, in case you were wondering hehe)


At Rita’s wedding – I’m wearing the same dress because Yixiao’s wedding spanned 2 days, of which 1 overlapped with Rita’s wedding dinner! I rushed over after Yixiao’s solemnisation in time to catch the end of dinner (and the tomfoolery following :-)).


Queuing to get our flat!


They called our number!

M showing his excitement


Our keys came in a faux-leather case, complete with HDB embossed logo! 20111027-230601.jpg

On the way up to see the place.


Our living room.


The view out.


Unfinished floors.


The exercise area, work in progress for the moment.


Some tiles we’re considering for one of the bathrooms, to use as a border.20111027-230643.jpg

And these mosaic black and white’s will be the floor in the other bathroom.


Options galore!


3 thoughts on “October Pastiche.

  1. theletterzee says:

    Hey Jennie, yes it’s both stressful / intimidating and super-fun at the same time! Thanks for sharing in the excitement!

  2. Hey there, I just realized that we’ll be staying in the same estate! That’s Havelock, isn’t it? We are currently doing up our place as well….it has been really stressful and exhausting. Everyday is all about tiles, basins, lamps and what not….I no longer shop for clothes or bags now! But it is a fun process. We will be doing our tiling this week and coincidentally, we ordered one of the black glossy hexagon mosaic from Hupkiong for one of our toilet walls. That was the only tile shop that stocked the fancy, retro tiles that we’ve been searching for ages!

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