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rug hug.

Hello! Woke up grumpy this morning, so finding these brown tones very comforting…

What did you do over the long weekend my dears? Did you have a good, restful weekend?

I unfortunately came down with something on Friday – had a fever and headache that burgeoned into a slight cold over Saturday and Sunday. Funny how it tends to happen when you start to relax after a stressful period.

We did manage to squeeze in some rug-hunting at Arab Street on Saturday. And forgive me for sounding naive, but who knew nice rugs could cost so much! In the thousands for a handwoven, multi-knot Middle Eastern rug. I mean I know it’s a lot of effort… but I wonder how much it’d cost if we went direct to Turkey. Meh.

In the meantime, we’ll be browsing at Ikea, thank you very much :-)

(Russell Smith via desiretoinspire )


4 thoughts on “rug hug.

  1. My brother just came back from visiting Turkey, I could ask him if he noticed the prices of rugs there. But I can’t imagine lugging a rug back home tho!!

  2. zee says:

    Melly! Sweet of you to offer – if it’s not too much trouble that’d be great! If not, it’s ok – we’re visiting Turkey next year for a friend’s wedding anyway so can always check then.

    Haha your comment has me saying “lug a rug, rug a lug, lug a rug” in my head… Teehee. S’pose it would be a pain! Prolly have to pay extra baggage charge O_o

  3. Terese says:

    hello! i just came back from Turkey and my mother bought a rug! the rug making place was on our tour itinerary (so i suppose they’re trustworthy), and they ship free to sg, with insurance and all. apparently the govt subsidies the shipping to encourage the industry. of course you could always choose to hand carry it back. mine is a cotton one for the living room and it was around usd4k. it depends on the material too, wool would be cheaper. silk is the most ex!

    • theletterzee says:

      Hey terese! Thanks for letting me know! Good to know there’s free shipping and insurance etc… Looking forward to checking it out when we r there ;)

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