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November, remember.

Hello lovelies!

The blogging mojo’s still not fully returned unfortunately – work’s been intense and can’t say I’ve been enjoying it very much lately. But on the personal front it’s been enriching – spending time with M, jamming till 2 in the morning with old friends, catching up with Di who’s finally back in Singapore for good ( :-) ). So I’ve been trying to spend more time with people and a whole lot less with my laptop and TV.

Just trying not to fall sick now – been teetering on the brink of a full-on cold for a while, and with many people in the office sick, my chances of staying on this side of the fence are not looking up.

Anyway! I have Di’s wedding to look forward to this weekend, and also my trip to Hong Kong with M’s family next week – on top of seeing my dear friend get married, I’ll also be seeing my sister both times, which is a big plus :-)

This picture makes me feel happy and festive :

I wish I had the crafty-ness in me to do such beautiful gift-wrapping, but alas. I do not. Sorry to my gift recipients this Christmas! :P

(via Black*eiffel & M Stetson)



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