all together, with feeling now

Just bought :

… A navy leotard and white tights.

I’m going back to ballet classes!

(I already have the ballet shoes, from my 2010 foray.) 

It might sound crazy (or totally trivial, depending how you see it), but increasingly ‘trapped’ and ‘restless’ – and, dare I say, unhappy – are probably better terms to describe me by. It’s time for a little shake-up, a little more ‘do’ and a little less ‘think’.

Also, because over tapas at Mesa 15 in Hong Kong, my dearest sis and husband began gently nagging me about getting my fitness act together. (My sis takes boxing classes – quite different altogether…) So, there. Every little helps. And I can’t think of any other exercise I’d actually enjoy doing other than ballet.

When was the last time you did something you’ve been putting off?

Were you scared? In the end, was it worth it and did it pay off?

(photo from Sonata Dancewear)


6 thoughts on “Just bought :

  1. hi zee! power to you :) make my own foray into adult ballet (after a good 20 year hiatus) while in uni and realised how much i enjoyed the stretching. it also improves circulation and flexibility. wasn’t the most aerobic of pursuits, to be honest, but a ton of fun nevertheless. have a blast!

  2. theletterzee says:

    thanks j! i totally agree, feel much looser and relaxed post-ballet – coming from someone who has stiff shoulders it really is a relief. in addition to being so much fun, and also nostalgic as well.

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